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Exposed Skin Care Review – The Most Effective Way To A Dream Clean Skin!

Exposed Skin Care is a product targeting acne, blackheads and spots that are blinding skin, days and self-image. Its resounding effectiveness is due to the combination of chemical and natural ingredients, meant to deeply clean the skin, by attacking the most common acne causes and preventing future skin breakouts. Effects can be seen in less than a month, simply requiring patience and regular base usage. Let’s start with this exposed skin care reviews to learn more about the fact behind this product.

Main Ingredients of the Exposed Skin Care and Their Effect on the Body

Let us start with the Facial Cleanser, the fist and extremely important step in the acne cleaning process. Used to detoxify the skin, the sage extract prevents the acne reappearance by eliminating the toxins from the skin.As a clogged pore cleaner, salicylic acid is the second ingredient fighting blackheads and acne problems. Pro-vitamin B5 is used in order to regulate the skin oil production, improving the effect of the other two ingredients used. Parabens and sulfate free, the cleanser is harmless for the skin. It is designed to clean the skin, not to over-dry it.

Exposed Skin Care Acne Treatment SerumAnother step of the treatment consists in using Clearing Tonic.  Made of green tea, passion flower and salicylic acid, the tonic is 80% natural. The anti-oxidant properties of the green tea, along with the anti-inflammatory extract from passion flower, clean and re-balance your skin, eliminating the contaminants and preparing your pores for the next step of the Exposed Skin Care treatment. The tonic is less invasive, even for the most sensitive skin types, causing no irritation or redness.

The daytime Acne Treatment Serum is made from the same anti-oxidant green tea extracts as the tonic, combining benzoyl peroxide encapsulated, meant to eliminate the bacteria causing acne, and azelaic acid, which plays a skin normalizing role. None of these products were reported to have negative effects, no matter the type of skin they are applied to.

The night time serum also includes salicylic acid and green tea extract, cleaning and anti-oxidant products, but the originality is given by the licorice root, assisting the evening skin tone. The natural extracts, greatly combined, are of a great help for acne treatments, having no negative impact on the user’s health.

The Moisture Complex from Exposed Skin Care is based on the green-tea’s anti-oxidant properties too, adding pumpkin seeds to reduce skin irritation and amino peptides ingredients to repair the skin layers.

Rebalancing and refreshing the skin with the caffeine extract, the oil-free gel reduces inflammations and promotes cell renewal.

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Exposed Skin Care Reviews – How Does It Work?

Based on what we learnt through various Exposed Skin Care reviews, this product is a four steps treatment, a complete skin care line. The first goal of the treatment is to eliminate the bacteria causing acne. In order to solve this problem, two products are recommended: the Facial Cleanser, designed to clean the face gently, without causing dryness, to be used on a daily basis, and Derm-X Cloth, to be used two or three times a week in order to exfoliate the dead skin cells and to clean the pores in depth. There is an alternative, the Clarifying Mask, also recommended to be used once or twice a week in order to reduce blackheads and acne severity.

The second step of the process targets the sebum and oil production. The Clearing Tonic is the product used in this phase of the treatment. Refreshing and re-equilibrating the skin, it clears off the impurities and contaminants from the pores, deeply opening them for the next stage.

The third Exposed Skin Care treatment step is skin nourishing, meant to make it look younger and smoother. For this step there are two serums, one for day usage, the Acne Treatment Serum, and one for night usage, the Clear Pore Serum. The green tea extract makes the skin firmer and fresher. The first serum reduces the frequency of the whiteheads and inhibits the appearance of new acne.

The last step is meant to control tenderness, irritation and to relax the damaged skin. The Moisture Complex is the final step in the process, calming and refreshing the face.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Exposed Skin Care?

The main advantage of this treatment is that it fights any kind of acne.  It is not designed for a particular skin type, the entire line approaches all acne types and causes. That is why its effectiveness is highly appreciated.

Another advantage of Exposed Skin Care is that it pays results fast, in minimum two weeks but not more than a month. Most of the users reported that after thirteen days of using it, there was a visible difference even in those who had been suffering from severe acne for many years. It is highly important to use it regularly.

acne before and afterThe glowing effect is another advantage when choosing this treatment. After cleaning your skin, it makes it glow as a baby’s face, even if it was profoundly affected by acne. The scrubbing gel and cream are just as appreciated, said to be very effective without drying the skin, reducing the need for an extra moisturizing cream after cleaning.

The balance of natural-chemical ingredients makes the treatment even more efficient. The high percent of natural ingredients makes Exposed Skin Care more trustful. Women want to keep their body and skin healthy and the best way to do that is to use natural products rather than chemical based ones.

As most treatments have side-effects, this one may bring about some light skin irritation as the clearing process attacks the in-depth pores, making the skin look a little red at times.

There were voices complaining about the fact that the product is sold exclusively online and it cannot be tested before buying. But, due to the producer’s confidence in his product, there is a full-refund policy available, excluding the shipping taxes, covering up to one year after the purchase.

If your life was an endless search for a skin treatment to eliminate your acne, blackheads and whiteheads and to improve your image and self-esteem at the same time, you should order Exposed Skin Care, as it is a choice you could not possibly regret marking.

If you are going to buy Exposed Skin Care, you MUST be hurry. A friend of mine told me about Exposed Skin Care’s promotional campaign a few days ago where the manufacturer decided to offer 40% OFF this product as well as other kits sold on the website. It’s a huge chance of the year since I hardly find these promotions from Exposed Skin Care. Be quick to grab your chance and remember that you have 1 full year money back guarantee, so there is no risk for you.