Eco-Spa-Takes Care Of The Environment

Taking care of your body is good but keeping the environment clean as well would be better. Eco spa is a step in this direction where you limit the use of antibacterial, chlorinated wastewater, bleached paper and plastic packaging. The relaxing and healing effect of the spa would get enhanced if you honor your body as well as the earth.

Various ways to keep the environment clean are:
  • Do not use mineral oil, make use of natural oils. The base of mineral oils is petroleum based and it does not provide any nutrients to the skin. Also petroleum products are non renewable. Coconut oil is best for the skin as it melts on coming in contact with the skin. It provides the skin a protective layer. Avocado oil is also considered good for dry and oily skin.
  • Do not use poisons to clean the tub as they not only threaten your life but also threaten our water supply and wildlife.
  • Make use of natural scents. Synthetic perfumes contain hazardous chemicals. Petroleum based perfumes are hazardous not only to your body but also the environment.
  • Essential oils are best suited for sensitive skins. These essential oils can be made use of by any one considering there little impact on the environment.
  • Make use of earth friendly feminine products, accessories and paper products. Do not buy paper products that are bleached in chlorine. Paper bleached in chlorine can contain organochlorine and dioxin.
  • Make use of unbleached paper napkins, bathroom tissue, facial tissue and paper towels.
  • Avoid the use of plastics as it is non biodegradable. Use of non chlorinated products is healthy for the environment as well as your body.
  • Do not use paraffin wax candles instead make use of either vegetable oil candles or ones made from beeswax. Paraffin is a petroleum based product that is not renewable and pollutes the environment as the candle soot causes indoor air pollution.
  • Ozone should be used in spas. It rids you off the discomfort that is caused by chlorine. Chlorine causes skin and eye irritation.
    Another advantage of ozone is that you need not rinse yourself of the smell of chlorine.
  • Vegan soaps, organic soaps, towels, pumice stones, scrubs and natural fiber sponges are some of the items that should be used to get that perfect environmental spa. So it should be kept in mind that rejuvenating your body should be accompanied with concerns for the environment.
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