Easy & Sexy First Date Hairstyles

The first date is always the most important one because first impressions are everything. Women in particular want to make sure that they look like a dynamite package from head to toe and that includes their hairstyle. Of course not everyone has the money or time to head to the salon and get a fancy ‘do. Other women simply want to be able to throw something easy together but have it look amazing at the same time. With time, practice and a bit of planning, any woman can achieve the perfect first date hairstyle with little to no stress.

It goes without saying that there are a number of hairstyles that a woman can choose from to wow her first date. To prevent becoming overwhelmed or stressed out by your choices, simplify this part of the process with a little preplanning. Ask yourself some basic questions about the nature of your date and use the answers to help guide you towards the perfect hairstyle. Sample questions include:
1. Is your date taking place indoors or outdoors?
2. What will you be doing while on your date?
3. What will the weather be like?

First dates taking place indoors (restaurant, comedy club, café, etc.) offer many more options because it is a controlled environment. In these situations, a woman could sport a nice updo or simply keep her tresses down and styled. The following hairstyle ideas are ideal for indoor dates:


This particular style no longer has to be boring. Depending on your style and personality, you can do a number of tricks to create a unique ponytail. Popular updated styles for this ‘do include wearing the ponytail to one side of the head with the hair coming down over one ear, crimped or full of bouncy curls gathered together low at the nape of the neck or high on the top of the head, with select pieces coming down like tendrils to frame the face.


After prepping, the hair can be curled or taken as is and pinned up into an elegant and sleek bun, trying a classic French twist updo or braided beforehand and then swirled around into a braided coil and secured with pins. To add more flair, any number of formal or funky and fun hair accessories can be added.

Planning a first date that will take you outdoors? Whether it’s a picnic out in the park, hiking a fun trail or taking a leisurely stroll around town, you’ll want to make sure to factor in the weather conditions to ensure that your chosen hairstyle will remain intact from the beginning of your date to the end. If the weather is sunny and warm, wearing your hair down is the easiest option.

Depending on your hair type, be sure to use hair products that will combat issues like frizz, humidity and stray hairs. Prep accordingly before styling and your ‘do will have lasting results. Wearing the hair down and styled is perhaps one of the easiest solutions for outdoor dates:

Voluminous Waves/Curls:

Before applying heated tools to the hair, always use a heated styling spray product first to protect against heat damage. For a less involved approach, hot rollers can be applied to the hair hours before your date. When you’re ready, simply remove the hot rollers and sculpt your waves/curls by shaping them with your fingers. Don’t forget to use a lightweight holding spray.

Emergency Solutions To Over-Tweezed Eyebrows

You start out tweezing your eyebrows to just that perfect shape, the next thing you know you`ve plucked more than you had intended.

What can you do?

First of all, take a deep breath and relax. There are actually several solutions to over-tweezed eyebrows. A very popular method to this problem is an eyebrow stencil. Eyebrow stencils are generally available at your local beauty or department store. You can find the stencils in a variety of sizes so there is bound to be one to fit your eyebrows. For this method, position the stencil where your natural brow line would begin and end then fill in the stencil with an eyebrow pencil or powder using soft feathery strokes. Set brows with a clear mascara or brow gel.

Brow kits are another solution for over-tweezed brows. Most kits include eyebrow stencils, powder, brush, tweezers and gel. They can usually be found at your local beauty store and range from low to moderate in cost. To apply, start by positioning the stencil where your brow should end and meet.

Next apply the brow powder with the brush provided in the kit or one of your own and blend carefully until you achieve a natural-looking brow. Finally set brows with the gel and if necessary use the tweezers to remove any stray hairs you might have missed being careful not to over pluck anymore hairs. Over plucking hairs can actually result in permanent hair loss, so pluck sparingly.

A less expensive way to fill in brows is an eyebrow pencil. The pencils come in several different colors to match your eyebrows and can be found just about anywhere your favorite makeup brand is sold. To use an eyebrow pencil begin with light feathery strokes, filling in the areas where brow hairs are sparse. Use a brow gel or clear mascara to set the color.

You can also use eyeshadow to fill in brows. Eyeshadow can be found in a wide variety of colors anywhere cosmetics are sold, so you should be able to easily find a color closest to your eyebrow shade. Use an eyeshadow brush to apply the color and blend softly with the brush or a cotton swab. Set the brow with brow gel or clear mascara.

If you can afford to do so, your safest bet would be to head to your favorite salon and have your eyebrows professionally done. Even if you can only manage a one-time visit, a cosmetics professional would be able to show you the best way to correct over-tweezed brows for future know-how.

Our eyebrows allow us to express our beauty, to create a look that makes us unique, makes us who we are. If we are careless with them it tends to show and as a result often affects our self-esteem and how we see ourselves. Most importantly our eyebrows help aid in preventing perspiration from running down into our eyes and irritating them. They can be our greatest friend or worst enemy, but with great care they can bring out the greatest beauty.

Don’t Leave Your Cuticles Out of Your Nail Care Routine

Most women head to the local nail salon to get their manicures and never give their fingernails a second thought. Although nail technicians definitely know what they’re doing and are able to get your nails looking their best, there is a difference between having “nice looking” nails and “healthy” nails. In order to make sure that you’re taking care of your fingernails, you have to take all parts of it into consideration. This includes the cuticles.

In general, people do not pay any mind to their cuticles unless there is an issue like little strips of skin peeling off or if their cuticles get injured. But it is in your best interest to make sure the health of your cuticles is a priority in your nail care if you want to avoid more serious problems down the line. One way to better appreciate the role your cuticles play is to know what they do. Simply put, cuticles act as a protective barrier for the new cells and the tissue that fosters them in your nails. When your nails grow and keratin is produced, the cuticle is responsible for making sure that the new keratin is able to grow and harden, which results in new nails.

The healthier your cuticles are the healthier your fingernails will be. Neglect can result in a number of issues including infections, which can be extremely painful and can damage the appearance of your nails overall.

The good news is that including the cuticles in your nail care routine is fairly simple if you know what to do. If you make it a habit to visit the nail salon regularly, chances are your cuticles are already receiving proper nail care – it is very important that the nail technician always uses sterilized, clean tools when handling your nails and cuticles. Failure to maintain this hygienic measure increases your odds of developing an infection. For those of you that prefer to maintain your nail care regimen at home, there are steps you can take to make sure that your cuticles are always in tip top shop, along with the rest of your fingernails.

One of the most crucial nail care steps you should practice regularly is moisturizing your cuticles. When your hands get too dry, this leads to cracking, which also affects the cuticles. Moisturizing your cuticles is as easy as using a special cuticle cream, which is specially formulated to hydrate the sensitive skin of the cuticle. Before applying the moisturizer, soak your fingers in lukewarm water for 10 minutes. This will make the cuticles easier to handle. Gently apply the cuticle cream directly onto each cuticle and massage the cream in until it is absorbed.

It is also important to check that your cuticles are not overgrown. You’ll be able to tell if this is an issue. If you notice that the skin of your cuticles is starting to creep up on your nails, push them down gently after soaking them in lukewarm water. Use a special nail care stick made of wood to do this – never use metal nail care tools. Push the cuticle back gently but not too far.

In general it is not recommended to cut your cuticles. Keeping them moisturized, pushing them back as needed and keeping them in overall good shape will prevent the need for this. Cutting cuticles often results in cutting too much, injuring the area and/or developing an infection.